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  • Streamlining Logistics: From First Mile to Last.
    One Platform for All Your Transport Management Needs

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    Streamlining Logistics: From First Mile to Last.
    One Platform for All Your Transport Management Needs

Making Logistics Technology. Better

For more than four decades, our company has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of logistics, haulage, warehouse management, and pallet network software solutions across the UK & Ireland.

Our platform offers numerous advantages

Access to industry professionals

Vigo offers access to seasoned industry professionals when customers invest in our logistics software. We recognise that many logistics businesses may lack the necessary skill sets within their current teams, making our expertise and approach invaluable.

Data analytics

Our software collects and analyses data to provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making, bottleneck identification, and supply chain optimisation.


Our software automates numerous manual processes, such as order entry and route planning, leading to heightened operational efficiency and a reduction in human errors.


As businesses expand, our logistics software seamlessly scales to accommodate increased volume and complexity, ensuring ongoing efficiency and accuracy.

Cost reduction

By optimising routes, inventory management, and fuel consumption, our software generates substantial cost savings in both transportation and overall operations.


All of our product range fully integrates offers real-time visibility into order movement, aiding businesses in tracking shipments, monitoring performance, and identifying areas for improvement.

Improved customer service

Real-time tracking and visibility enable logistics companies to provide superior customer service by offering accurate delivery estimates and promptly addressing issues, supported by features like live ETA and client notifications.

Customer retention

Enhanced efficiency, on-time deliveries, and precise order processing contribute to higher customer satisfaction and increased customer retention.

Inventory management

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) software assists in maintaining and improving inventory accuracy, good inbound/outbound processing and extensive billing options whilst providing visibility of inventory levels, orders in the client portal further enhancing visibility.

Competitive advantage

Utilising our software empowers businesses to gain a competitive edge by operating more efficiently and delivering superior services compared to competitors.

Streamlined communication

Collaboration tools within our logistics software facilitate improved communication between stakeholders, ensuring smoother operations and issue resolution.


Through the addition of route/fleet optimisation and reduced fuel consumption, our logistics software supports sustainability goals by reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact.