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Designed to connect your clients and partners seamlessly

Client Portal Implant System

Eliminate order entry with an automated, low cost data integration

With your clients in mind and the need to provide a low cost alternative to EDI’s, we have our Client Portal Implant System. It can be easily installed on your clients’ site to connect their system to your Vigo TMS.

View our Implant System’s features
  • Simply download jobs from your Vigo Client Portal
  • Intuitive set up and configuration
  • Standard file specifications
  • Easy data mapping tools to link system data
  • Email notification of import summary report
  • Message board to keep users informed on order process status
  • Rapid integration with key clients
  • Remove manual entry, saving time and money for your client
  • Eliminate manual entry errors improving efficiency
  • Automatic printing of labels on the clients’ premises inc the ability to batch print
  • Speed and ease of doing business leading to client loyalty and retention

Excel to Job, receive client files and import. It’s that simple!

Many clients still want to send job files, we have a simple solution to enable you to receive excel, CSV files and import automatically.

  • Map your clients file in minutes

  • Receive via email, FTP

  • Import jobs with validation

  • Built in TMS feature

EDI’s and complex challenges with clients, mastered with ease

We have 40 years experience of working closely with our clients in building more complex integrations and have a dedicated team to help your business drive connectivity and innovation.

  • Integrating with SAP and other ERP systems

  • XML and other industry standard formats

  • API’s

  • Complex requirements managed by in-house specialists

  • We utilise best in class EDI development tools

API connectivity, seamless integration, we have it covered

To be a successful business, you need to provide a way for clients to interact with your business, API’s are fast becoming the most effective way to integrate with you customers.

Receive and Send:

  • Jobs

  • Paper POD, ePOD, signature’s

  • Order related photos

  • Labels

  • Live ETA

  • Order statuses

Peer to peer job share

Since Vigo pioneered the development of a comprehensive hub-and-spoke network solution in the 1990s, our expertise in complex integrations has spanned four decades. Presently, we are collaborating closely with our clients to provide a comprehensive peer-to-peer job-sharing platform.

At Vigo, we firmly believe that this represents the future of logistics businesses. It empowers them to expand their operations, offering a much broader geographical reach without the need for increased investments. 

Get in touch here if you want to discuss your project.