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Vigo Help Desk

Our world-class help desk, here for you

Our help desk has been highly regarded by our clients for many years. It is seen as an extension of their own business.

Our team is comprised of outstanding communicators who exhibit professionalism and possess an in-depth understanding of our software products. This expertise is complemented by an integrated ticketing system, which is not only designed for best practices in issue resolution but also emphasises stringent adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We understand the critical importance of these agreements as a cornerstone of trust and reliability between us and our clients.

We are acutely aware that our clients’ operations are tightly scheduled, with minimal lead times, and any delay can ripple through the entire supply chain, causing significant disruptions. Therefore, our support is structured to provide immediate responses, ensuring that technology or training never becomes a bottleneck or source of frustration in our clients’ businesses.

We strive to be a proactive partner in our clients’ operations, anticipating needs and providing solutions that enhance efficiency and productivity. By doing so, we ensure that our service desk is not just a help centre, but a strategic asset to the businesses we support.

“Knowing you have the right level support is very important for us. Before Vigo, support was just an automated caller, no real engagement, not knowing if your issue, or request was seen be someone. I like that now, I pick up the phone and talk to a real person immediately, raise a ticket, and a get real reply, not scripted or automated.”

Shipley Transport

“Thank you to all of your team again for their wonderful professional support. Why can’t other companies follow in your footsteps?”

John Hacklings Ltd

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4 Mars Jones Lorries in a row

Mars-Jones Ltd

Discover how Mars-Jones Lt partnered with Vigo Software to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and achieve significant cost savings, revolutionising their logistics approach. 

H & R Gray Haulage Ltd

H & R Gray required a customisable TMS to manage Palletline and General Haulage resource efficiently. They needed real-time status updates, simplified delivery management for drivers, and full traceability from storage to delivery.

Law Distribution Ltd

Seeking a replacement for their existing software solution, Law Distribution required specific functionalities from their new supplier and full integration with the Palletline network.