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Transport Management System

Crafted by experts in logistics for the logistics community

Leading Transport Management System

Streamlining logistics: from first mile to last. One platform for all your needs

Order processing that drives efficiency, improves service levels with end-to-end revenue management built in

Our TMS (Transport Management System) order management application, is designed to automate mundane tasks, and many order processes so that your business can focus on service levels, profitability and getting cash into your business.

How can it do that?
  • Import jobs from multiple sources – Client integrations
  • Fully integrated with Client Portal
  • Auto route your orders to specific groups to ease planning
  • Integrated address lookup and management
  • Automated pricing and job routing
  • Automated lowest and highest pricing
  • Sundry and extras billing at job level
  • Automated pallet network routing
  • Add costs associated to the order
  • ADR & Hazchem integration
  • Every photo, document, status and POD instantly available
  • Export info to your clients seamlessly

Drag, drop, every stop.

Rapid planning tools to get your vehicle revenues and service levels optimised

Advanced planning
  • Load configuration: Seamlessly plan for full loads, multidrop, and groupage
  • Drag & drop interface: Instantly drag and drop unplanned jobs into a schedule or adjust run order as needed
  • On map planning, making your life easier. Visualise the plan
  • Zone-based planning: Users can set and work within configurable planning areas
  • Cross-schedule mobility: Move jobs effortlessly between different schedules on the map
  • Booking in with collection and delivery points; what a pain. Utilise text and email notifications straight from the planning tool
  • Real time updates ETA, PODS, discrepancies and more
  • User configuration, we can design workflows that suit your business. SIMPLE
User experience & customisation
  • Personalised workspace: Desktop layout can be tailored for each user’s preferences
  • Multi-screen support: Harness the power of multiple monitors for expanded viewing and planning
  • Dual-screen mode: Split and plan simultaneously with dual-screen functionality
Costing & subcontracting
  • Cost allocation: Distribute costs across single or multiple deliveries within a schedule
  • Subcontractor handling: Manage subcontractor relationships and tasks seamlessly

Dynamic ETAs, provide your clients with real time feedback with text and email alerts

Our integrated platform ensures that your office staff, shop floor, drivers and clients are kept informed every step of the way.

  • Integrated ETA feedback across all applications

  • Real time feedback manage delays before they become a problem

Proof of Delivery, get your PODs instantly and drive improvements to cashflows, and service levels

POD management is a critical and often overlooked part of a Transport Management System, we provide the best practice solutions from paper scanning, ePOD capture, tracking, photos and more.

Get paid. Comprehensive billing solutions, rate cards, map cards and much, much more

Approve & post

  • Actively create and manage sundry invoices; even post the initial generation of the primary invoice
  • Enjoy the ability to make dynamic modifications and receive approvals before posting, ensuring utmost accuracy and compliance
  • Our seamless integration with leading accounting solutions like Sage grants swift approval and posting of invoices to multiple accounting platforms

Invoice by email

  • Leverage the power of direct invoice transmissions with our email feature
  • Streamline communications and enhance interactions with embedded hyperlinks, offering immediate access to Proof of Delivery (POD)
  • Minimise paper reliance and bolster environmental conservation while enjoying enhanced, user-friendly interactions


  • Experience maximum flexibility with the incorporation of surcharges within customer-centric financial adjustments
  • Apply additional charges seamlessly, with detailed, customer-specific invoicing options, enhancing transparency and trust

Rate cards

  • Utilise advanced invoice creation methods and dynamic invoicing options for a bespoke billing approach
  • Define your invoicing patterns and create invoices featuring diverse rate cards, ensuring a tailored approach to meet unique billing needs

Fuel escalators

  • Execute dynamic fuel adjustments at customer account levels enabling real-time discounts and modifications
  • Adapt swiftly to the varying fuel costs, ensuring optimum financial agility and cost-efficiency

Multi-currency transactions

  • Conduct transactions and invoice seamlessly in multiple currencies, thanks to our robust integration with popular accounting software

Customisable invoice templates

  • Customise invoice layouts to a high degree and cater to individual preferences and requirements seamlessly
  • Offer customer-specific invoice layouts, establishing a more personalised and enriched user experience
Stuart Charter, Aztek Logistics.

“We now have the perfect system for consolidating our customer deliveries and drive margin and performance improvements across the business. Payback was achieved in less than 6 months, which makes it easy for me to recommend Vigo Software! Thank you, Vigo.”

– Stuart Charter, Aztek Logistics.

Transport Management System (TMS) – FAQs

What is a Transport Management System (TMS)?

A Transport Management System (TMS) is a software solution designed to help businesses manage and optimise their transportation operations, including managing shipments, tracking shipments in real-time, and optimising routes.

What does a Transport Management System (TMS) do?

A TMS helps businesses streamline their logistics processes by automating tasks such as route planning, creating shipment manifests, calculating shipping costs and other shipping requirements. It also helps businesses track shipments in real time, create automated alerts when shipments reach their destination, and simplify customs compliance procedures.

How to choose a Transport Management System (TMS)?

When choosing a TMS solution it’s important to assess your own business needs and requirements – such as type of goods you’re shipping, what type of transportation you use most often etc. It’s also important to consider how easily the system can be integrated with your existing technology stack or 3rd party applications as well as scalability of the solution for future growth.

What are Transport Management solutions?

Transport management solutions refer to software tools or services that help businesses automate their transport-related processes – from route planning to tracking shipment in real-time and simplifying customs compliance requirements – allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks instead of manual labour.

Why is a Transport Management System (TMS) important in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

Having an efficient Transport Management System in place is critical within ERP systems as it provides visibility into all aspects of the supply chain process, helping ensure that shipments and orders are delivered on time without any delays or errors. This improved visibility allows companies to respond quickly to unexpected events resulting in cost savings throughout the entire supply chain network.