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Cross Docking

Unlocking efficiency at every dock: Your gateway to real-time logistics excellence

With our Cross Docking software, streamline your logistics operations into inbound, hub, and outbound processes, enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your transport operations.


The inbound process includes all activities of incoming goods. Here, you can define locations/lanes for each area, simply scan the goods and the software will direct the operator to locate the goods in the correct cross dock location.

Intermediate hub

Products that are not immediately forwarded to the outgoing goods area are stored in intermediate areas, configured in the cross dock software.


Loading vehicles by simply scanning the pallets and the system will direct your operators to the correct vehicle, no more lost pallets!

A Cross Dock application that will transform your operation and your efficiency

Many transport businesses operate manual unloading and loading processes which causes delays, orders not being loaded and ongoing frustration for you and your clients.

Our Cross Docking software gives you:

  • Full visibility of inbound and outbound demand at order & item level

  • Multi operator scanning, unlimited schedules and jobs scanned at the same time

  • Enquiry function simplifying order/pallet identification

  • Photos and discrepancies linked to order management

  • WiFi or mobile data, no need for expensive WiFi installations

Do not lose shipments and work efficiently with complete traceability

Prevent losing shipments and be sure that the right goods are going to the right delivery point every time, tiny mistakes can add up to big inefficiencies and costs.

  • Every scan updates the TMS, save time due to less phone calls and trips on the shop floor

  • Digital loading and unloading lists

  • Fully supply chain visibility

Benefits of our Cross Docking software

Increased efficiency

Improving efficiency by streamlining scanning and tracking processes at cross-docking facilities reduces handling time and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Real-time visibility

The application provides real-time visibility into inventory and shipment status, allowing for better management and decision-making.

Error reduction

By automating scanning processes, the likelihood of human errors is minimised, leading to more accurate data.

Cost savings

Improved efficiency and reduced errors result in cost savings in terms of labour, storage, and transportation.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Faster turnaround times and accurate order fulfilment contribute to improved customer satisfaction.