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Why Clients Choose Vigo

Built by logistics people for logistics people

With over 40 years of building software for the logistics sector, our platform provides a comprehensive solution that focuses on 7 key principles;

Built by Logistics people for
Logistics people

Within Vigo, we take immense pride in our team of logistics experts, each boasting a wealth of experience of over 2 decades in the UK logistics sector. Our team members have not only been at the helm of logistics businesses but have also significantly contributed to the sector. Our knowledge of logistics processes and a sharp eye for best practices, ensures that our clients highly value our industry knowledge.

Choose your partner carefully

Our experience serves as a cornerstone in their deliberation when opting for Vigo Software as their trusted partner. Our insights and understanding of the logistics landscape empower our clients to make well-informed decisions and navigate their logistics challenges with confidence.

A product road map developed with clients

By focusing on configuration over customisation offers a high degree of flexibility for our users. This approach remains pertinent to the sector and is designed to address real-world challenges for our user base, providing our clients with an ongoing roadmap of features and new product developments giving them the confidence that we are continually driving innovation for them and their customers.

Alan stood in front of an H&R Gray Truck

“We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with Vigo Software. Their Transport Management System has revolutionised the way we operate, and we’re excited about the growth and success it has enabled.”

– Alan Holloway, H & R Gray Haulage Ltd

Read our client’s success stories

4 Mars Jones Lorries in a row

Mars-Jones Ltd

Discover how Mars-Jones Ltd partnered with Vigo Software to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and achieve significant cost savings, revolutionising their logistics approach.

H & R Gray Haulage Ltd

H & R Gray required a customisable TMS to manage Palletline and General Haulage resource efficiently. They needed real-time status updates, simplified delivery management for drivers, and full traceability from storage to delivery.

Law Distribution Ltd

Seeking a replacement for their existing software solution, Law Distribution required specific functionalities from their new supplier and full integration with the Palletline network.