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Expert software implementation & development for logistics

We understand that the successful implementation of technology within any business requires a diverse blend of skills to fully harness its potential benefits.

We acknowledge that for many logistics businesses, the requisite skill sets may not always be readily accessible within their current teams. This is where our expertise and approach make a significant difference.

From the outset of the buying cycle, we prioritise a fully engaged partnership with our clients. Our method involves a deep dive into understanding the unique challenges and process needs of each logistics business we serve. By doing so, we are not just vendors but become strategic partners, aligning our technology solutions with the specific requirements and goals of our clients.

We go beyond mere installation and support; we take a consultative approach, ensuring that our clients are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for effective technology adoption. Our team is dedicated to bridging the skill gap by providing comprehensive training, user-friendly resources, and ongoing support that empowers our clients to maximise the benefits of their technology investment.

At every step, Vigo is committed to ensuring that technology serves as a lever for efficiency, growth, and competitive advantage for logistics businesses, even those previously underserved by high-level IT capabilities. We bring the skills, support, and tailored solutions to the table, ensuring our clients are fully equipped to thrive in the digital era.