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Client Portal

Set a new benchmark in customer collaboration​ with our awesome Client Portal

Best in class self service Client Portal

Secure and grow your client base by offering a complete platform that streamlines order processing, tracking, and provides real-time ETA notifications through text and email alerts. Enhanced with thorough integration tools, our system ensures a frictionless operation between your business and your clients.​

Onboard your clients in minutes, reduce administration, costs and provide your clients real time insights.

Competitive advantage
– Win more business

A well-implemented client portal can serve as a differentiator in the logistics market, attracting more clients by offering superior convenience and service.

Enhanced visibility and transparency
– Reduce client friction

Increased efficiency and convenience: Streamlines logistics processes, making them more efficient and convenient for clients by reducing the need for manual interventions and phone/email communications.​

Improved communication: Facilitates direct and effective communication between logistics providers and their clients, leading to quicker resolution of issues and better service.

Enhanced customer satisfaction​

By providing real-time information, self-service capabilities, and efficient issue resolution, the client portal significantly improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our Client Portal features


  • Built on a modern security platform, using leading security technologies, such as Microsoft AD
  • All users have an individual log on, which in turn, will provide full user by user audit trail history
  • User defined roles and permissions – admin users have full control of what can be viewed, added, edited and deleted

Self service

  • Impersonate mode enables you to log in as your customer and access the system they are using, for support or troubleshooting purposes
  • Admin users can set up menus for their colleagues, to control the areas of the system they have access to
  • In application help and walkthrough guides are available to help all users learn how to use the system


  • End to end consignment tracking with real time PODs and ETAs
  • News feed
  • SMS & email notifications
  • Management information dashboard
  • myTrack consignment status feature (no login required)