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  • 4 Mars Jones Lorries in a row

    Mars Jones Limited

Fact File
  • Founded in 1924
  • A fleet of 40 vehicles
  • 78 employees

“Partnering with Vigo and adopting their TMS solution alongside the Driver App has truly revolutionised our operations. We now enjoy streamlined processes, improved visibility, and substantial cost savings.”

Customer profile

Based in Flintshire and Deeside, North Wales, Mars Jones Ltd specialises in distribution, warehousing and storage, contract packing and assembly in the food and drink and mobility equipment industries.

Originating in 1924, Mars-Jones is a long-standing business providing distribution, warehousing and storage, contract packing and assembly, and have become a leading transport company in North Wales.


Prior to partnering with Vigo Software, Mars-Jones Ltd faced several operational challenges:

  • Managing both Pallet Network and General haulage operations using different systems led to inefficiencies, increased operational costs, and hindered real-time visibility.
  • Manual data entry and communication resulted in delays, errors, and a lack of transparency, affecting customer service and overall performance.
  • The absence of a unified platform made it difficult to consolidate data, analyse performance, and make informed decisions.


Mars-Jones embarked on a transformation journey by partnering with Vigo . They implemented the following solutions:

Transport Management Software (TMS): Mars-Jones adopted Vigo Software’s TMS solution, which provided a comprehensive platform to manage all aspects of their transport operations. This included route planning, dispatching, tracking, and reporting.

Driver App: The Vigo Driver App empowered Mars-Jones drivers with a user-friendly tool that integrated seamlessly with the TMS. It enabled real-time communication, electronic proof of delivery, and route optimisation, enhancing driver efficiency and customer satisfaction.


The collaboration between Mars-Jones Ltd and Vigo Software yielded significant benefits:

  1. Streamlined Operations: Mars-Jones now operates on a single platform for both Pallet Network and General haulage, eliminating the inefficiencies of managing multiple systems. This streamlining has reduced operational costs and improved productivity.
  2. Enhanced Visibility: Real-time tracking and reporting provided by Vigo’s TMS allows Mars-Jones to monitor their entire fleet, optimise routes, and respond quickly to changing circumstances, resulting in better customer service and on-time deliveries.
  3. Reduced Errors: The elimination of manual processes and the integration of data between different operational areas have significantly reduced errors and improved data accuracy.
  4. Scalability: The implemented solutions are scalable, allowing Mars-Jones to adapt to changing business needs and accommodate future growth seamlessly.

In addition to the above, Mars Jones have also recognised the need for a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) to optimise their warehousing and storage operations. Their current WMS lacks the appropriate scanning solution required to efficiently track inventory and manage warehouse processes. To address this gap, Mars Jones has partnered with Vigo Software to implement a new WMS solution, scheduled for installation later in 2024.

The integration of Pallet Network and General haulage on a single platform has positioned Mars-Jones for continued success in the competitive logistics industry.