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  •  Why Vigo? 

Why Choose Vigo Software?

So why choose Vigo as your logistics and transport software provider?
We are Logistics People
Our experience and knowledge of the logistics industry means that we understand the challenges that transport businesses experience every day. Through this we develop smart technology and solutions that really work to improve efficiency and profit.
Fantastic Support and Advice

We are here to support our customers and help them get the most benefit from our software. We don’t just install software and then leave them to it, we are with our customers every step of the way.

All our teams are focused on providing an exceptional level of customer service. We deliver software support through our help desk, and also offer advice and support for general operational issues, as well as assisting with changes to your operations.

We think of ourselves as your business partners, here to support you and the services you provide. Your customers are our customers and, by working in partnership together, we can help grow your business.


We strive to identify the needs of our customers and through innovation we challenge ourselves to meet those needs, question established practices, share ideas across the business and drive continual improvement. This sets us apart from other companies, as does our fantastic team of developers and software engineers, who ensure that our products work within your specific business model to deliver increased efficiency and profits.

Our innovative approach enables us to develop better products and solutions to allow our customers to become high-performance logistics and transport businesses.