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16 May, 2022

Vigo Software grows its team to support product development for Pallet Networks

16 May, 2022

The leading software developer for the logistics and transport industry has recently taken on new people at its new head office in Bromsgrove. Since January, the team has grown by over 15% with plans to create more jobs in the next few months.

Vigo has been working with pallet networks for over 30 years and this experience and in-depth knowledge have made them specialists. Their current products are behind some of the UK’s largest networks and the new technology they are creating will build on this success both for delivery networks and the individual general haulage businesses behind them.

John Vickers, managing director, said, “We are constantly improving our existing products, but we will be changing how the whole industry approaches software and how they implement it to run their businesses.” A big focus for 2022 is the development and launch of brand-new products for the sector, with its focus remaining on creating even more innovative products for pallet networks. Vigo software drives some of the leading delivery networks in the UK and its suite of products remains a crucial driver of efficiency for these businesses.

John then went on to say, “As well as specialist engineers who have worked on pallet network systems for more than 20 years, we are very fortunate to also have a team of people who have either owned, managed or worked within transport businesses. We understand the industry and the challenges it faces exceptionally well. This highly experienced team will be focused on creating an entirely new platform for logistics businesses and we remain dedicated to improving the experience for pallet networks.”

The new platform will include a warehouse management system with innovative features and functions. They will also build on the success of their current transport management system and mobile applications for improved delivery management and ETAs.

John commented, “To recently host Sajid Javid MP at our offices was an honour and marked the beginning of an extremely exciting time for Vigo and the people behind our success. These new team members will be very much part of what will be a transformational year for the business.”

This visit to officially open the new head office is viewed by the business as an excellent springboard for the next stage of growth for Vigo Software and its customers.

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