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04 May, 2023

TEG Road Transport Price Index shows haulage prices picking up pace

04 May, 2023

Haulage prices have risen by 3.6% in the past month, resulting in an all-time high price-per-mile in April. Despite double-digit inflation, interest rates are expected to increase for the 12th consecutive month.

In April, the combined price-per-mile for haulage and courier vehicles soared 2.7% to reach its highest-ever level for the month. The significant increase was driven by a robust growth in haulage rates, signaling the start of the typical spring price upswing.

Haulage prices are down by 2% compared to last year’s level, while courier prices increased by 3.6%. Despite this contrast, the overall price remains stable year-on-year.

To read the full report by the Transport Exchange Group please visit here.