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01 September, 2022

Switch to Vigo Satnav before new law potentially comes into place

01 September, 2022

Councils are calling on the Government to take urgent action and use its forthcoming Transport Bill to require all HGV drivers by law to use truck-based satnav devices rather than domestic satnav. Currently, this is only advisory.

Lorries colliding with local infrastructures, such as railway bridges, or becoming stuck on narrow roads causes major disruption and is costly to local communities. Vigo Satnav calculates routes that are optimised for trucks to always use the fastest option and take into account low bridges, narrow or weight-restricted access and live traffic updates.

Drivers can overview the entire route and navigate around the map to view road information. This includes roads where the vehicle is unsuitable to drive on as well as roads with construction. The map will also highlight the length of a road which is under construction or unsuitable for commercial vehicles.

Making specialist satnav’s mandatory will support HGV drivers to carry out effective route planning to support the vital role lorries play in the economy.

The Vigo Satnav works on the same device that drivers use for their delivery schedule and ePODs so there is no need for multiple devices.

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