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14 March, 2022

Prepare Your Schedule Before Departure

14 March, 2022

We have seen instances where a driver has used the return later function to manipulate the order of their schedule, rather than reordering their route before leaving the depot. This is not how the return later function was designed to be used and can create issues further on in the schedule. If the order of a schedule needs to be rearranged, this can be done on the device before scanning onto the vehicle.

Using the return later function incorrectly may result in the schedule becoming stuck, so please only use this function when genuinely needing to return to a stop where a collection or delivery could not be made as planned. The return later function should only be used when the driver is unable to complete that specific drop at that moment in time, but where they may be able to complete the drop at a later point during the same schedule. Please do not use the Return Later function to reorder your jobs.

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