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Mobile Workforce Solution (MWF)

Communication with your delivery team at any part of the process is key to improving efficiency and reducing costs. Our mobile solution integrates with the Vigo TMS to provide real-time status updates and simple one-click delivery management for your drivers.

With just a few taps jobs can be completed, signatures captured, and problems recorded so a response or action can be taken in real-time. With many more additional features our mobile solution really does make sense when looking at optimising the delivery process and increasing profitability.

Our Android based software can be easily installed on existing Android devices. As non-commercial handsets can reduce profitability and ROI, we are authorised dealers for a leading handset provider and can supply a complete mobile hardware and airtime package for your entire mobile workforce.

We are with you every step of the way.
Putting drivers in control
  • Improve efficiency and service levels. Drivers can easily capture EPOD signatures, report discrepancies with photos, bypass deliveries and re-route on the handset.
  • Better job management. Send live job updates, manifests and collections, alerts and notifications.
  • Faster payment cycles. By eliminating paper-based systems you receive immediate delivery feedback and PODs for faster invoicing.
  • Optimised scanning. Pallets can be scanned on and off vehicles to reduce errors on delivery and collection.
Reduce office workload
  • Improve communication. Back office can remotely manage drivers, vehicles and devices and also send alerts and notifications.
  • Advanced technology. By using our cloud-based application built on a commercial platform you get anytime, anywhere access.
  • Works with your current operation. Being Android-based the software is easily adopted and can be configured with your own status codes.
Mobile hardware & accessories

At Vigo we supply 1000’s of handsets and accessories every year to our clients and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Selecting the right mobile device is crucial. Put simply, the mobile devices you choose will determine the return on investment (ROI) in your mobility strategy. The wrong device can frustrate users, decrease productivity, increase costs, and potentially introduce safety risks.

The right device will maximise your opportunities for greater productivity, efficiency, and accuracy with the tasks at hand. 

We are you. We, are Vigo Software.

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