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28 April, 2023

Pallet-Track gives staff a view from the cab with new training project

28 April, 2023

Pallet-Track gave its Wolverhampton office team a taste of what it’s like being an HGV driver with an interactive training session that gave them a trucker’s view of the road.

The network teamed up with the RHA to host the internal road safety training programme and educate them on visibility using a double deck trailer.

Government figures show that visibility is one of the leading causes of accidents involving an HGV; in 2021, 207 people were killed in road collisions involving an HGV that were reported to the police.

Participants took it in turns to sit in a cab and gain first-hand experience of the zones at the front, rear and sides of the vehicle and trailer where visibility is severely restricted.

The groups were also educated on the challenges HGV drivers encounter every day and how everyone can play their part in helping to keep all road users safe.

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