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15 February, 2022

Pallet-Track achieves nearly 20% year-on-year growth

15 February, 2022

A culture of “going over and above” among our members helped us post an impressive 19.7 per cent year-on-year growth in 2021.

We moved 4.2 million pallets last year, 700,000 more than 2020, enabling us to grow faster than the market.

Chief executive Caroline Green said the “extraordinary” performance was only possible thanks to our 89-strong shareholder members, and the key for 2022 was ensuring sustainable growth in line with demand.

Caroline said hauliers routinely trunking for fellow members and sharing driver resources for key routes were just two examples of the positive culture enabling the network to thrive under the most challenging of circumstances.

Extraordinary Performance

“It’s a great opportunity to recognise the challenges and difficulties our network has endured in the face of unprecedented volume growth and resource shortages,” said Caroline.

“Our network was set up with the ethos of ‘doing it right’ and this year’s extraordinary performance has only been possible as our members do right by us and each other, and we do right by them. The whole membership has displayed exceptional commitment and tenacity to deliver our service levels.

“The support our members are routinely offering each other speaks volumes about the sort of people we have in this network. It’s a team effort and members are at the heart of everything we do.

“However, we won’t be resting on our laurels and our ongoing success will undoubtedly be dependent on maintaining standards in the face of continuing volatility of demand.”

Changing Times

It was a year of change at our company, with Caroline taking over the chief executive position from founder Nigel Parkes in February 2021, four months after joining as chief financial officer.

Nigel, who stepped down from the board after 19 years at the helm, had stayed in post for two years following private equity firm TPA Capital’s investment.

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