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18 February, 2022

Mobile Workforce Application Patch

18 February, 2022

PHOTO CAPTURE ENHANCEMENTS: Upgrade to Version 1.8.22048.04

We have deployed a patch that will include changes to make Photo Capture more robust.  Additional checks have been added to the application and will be completed in the background while the user is going through the process of taking photos.

The checks will look at the storage on the device after the user has taken the photo and make sure the correct file has been stored before moving to the next part of the process.  If for any reason the photo can’t be found on the device, the user will be prompted that there was an issue and request that the photo is reattempted. 

Please note that as with all updates, it is extremely important that the update is carried out to ensure that these fixes are applied, and you receive the best possible experience.

We look forward to bringing you further enhancements in the near future.