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19 October, 2023

Government launches £200m trial of 370 zero emission trucks

19 October, 2023

A £200m programme to roll out 370 zero emission trucks and 57 refuelling and electric charging sites across the country has been launched by the government today (19 October).

The demonstrator programme will involve a number of major fleet operators, including Menzies Distribution, Eddie Stobart, and Royal Mail, with manufacturers DAF, Volvo, Renault Trucks, and Scania providing the battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered demonstrator trucks.

Innovate UK will lead the programme, which consists of four projects. These include Project Electric Freightway, led by Gridserve, which will demonstrate up to 140 DAF and Volvo battery electric trucks, along with up to 220 chargers, 70% of which will be open-access.

Another participant is Project Zero Emission North (ZEN) Freight, which will demonstrate up to 70 battery electric and 30 hydrogen fuel HGVs. Operators participating in the scheme include Eddie Stobart and Royal Mail.

Meanwhile Voltempo’s eFREIGHT 2030 project is partnering with Renault Trucks, Scania and DAF to demonstrate up to 100 battery electric HGVs. Marks and Spencer and Menzies Distribution are some of the operators confirmed to be participating.

The fourth project, Hydrogen Aggregated Logistics (HyHAUL), is being led by Protium. It will deploy around 30 hydrogen fuel cell HGVs onto the M4. Through DfT funding, the HGV fleet will be serviced by one fixed hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) and mobile refuelling in two other locations.

The project has longer-term ambitions to implement two additional permanent hydrogen refuelling stations in Magor and Bridgend, alongside additional hydrogen conversion projects along the M4.

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