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01 April, 2022

Eliminate order entry with an automated, low-cost data integration with the Connect Implant system

01 April, 2022

This month our feature product is the Connect Implant System. The Implant System is an automated, low-cost data integration that helps save time by eliminating manual order entry.

Developed with transport and logistics businesses and their clients in mind, the Implant System provides a low-cost alternative to EDIs (Electronic Data Interchange).

It allows your clients to connect to Vigo, import orders into the Connect Customer Portal, and automatically print labels on their premises.

The Implant System provides automated order entry, eliminating manual entry errors to improve efficiency and accuracy. Whether your haulage business is dealing with a high volume of orders or simply wanting to offer a better experience service to help with customer retention, then Client Connect Implant is the answer.

The program installs quickly, allowing you to focus on other priorities in your business.

Vigo Connect Implant features

  • Intuitive set-up and configuration
  • Standard file specifications
  • Easy data mapping tools to link system data
  • Email notification of import summary report
  • Message board to keep users informed on order process status.

Vigo Connect implant benefits

  • Remove manual entry, saving you time and money
  • Eliminate manual entry errors improving efficiency
  • Automatic printing of labels on-premises, including the ability to batch print
  • Speed and ease of doing business

Contact us to find out more and look forward to a more straightforward automated order entry process.