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10 May, 2024

ABE Ledbury joins The Hazchem Network

10 May, 2024

Transport and logistics specialist ABE Ledbury is adding another string to its bow by joining The Hazchem Network, the UK’s only hazardous goods pallet and parcel network.

The Palletline Logistics-owned company is taking on the work of two former members of The Hazchem Network, covering the HR, LD, SY7-8 and GL14-19 postcodes.  The new service has now gone live.

By joining network ABE can now extend its offering, carrying anything from paints to cylinders of flammable gases.

Twelve ABE drivers have been assigned to transport The Hazchem Network goods and are undergoing extensive training to gain ADR accreditation (Accord Dangerous Routier – the European Agreement concerning the transport of hazardous goods).

The company has also equipped some of its vehicles to ensure they are ADR-ready – installing fire extinguishers, orange plates and equipping the drivers with specialist gear such as kit bags, respirators, shovels and spill kits.

ABE Ledbury will also be able to call on further support and advice as needed from Palletline’s own Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

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