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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Using the Vigo WMS your operation will become more efficient and profitable; inventory turns will increase, providing greater sales (£) per square foot. 

It will improve monitoring and management of obsolete stocks whilst increasing stock turns and thus revenues. Inventory accuracy and a reduction in wasted time looking for lost products makes it easier for you to improve service levels. 

All the features and functions within the Vigo warehouse management system have been developed to reduce warehouse operating costs and deliver tangible ROI. 

Our dedicated team of industry specialists are on hand to ensure we deliver a warehouse solution that works with your business. 

We are with you every step of the way.

Intelligent features to help make your life easier

Pre-advice Visibility

With Vigo WMS you can process pre-advice from your customers either manually or by importing, ensuring that you have full visibility of what is due into your warehouse.

More Complete Reporting

Provide a host of reports to your clients and operational staff, allowing you to optimise your warehouse space and reduce obsolete stocks.

Master Product Data

Your product master data holds the key information required to drive your order and picking operations, whilst providing a suite of standard reports.

Customised Paperwork

Despatch using customised paperwork which can be easily checked for accuracy ahead of billing.

GRN & Notifications

With the GRN processing you can input batch, BB and serial numbers, whilst ensuring each pallet/item received has full traceability and individual ID’s.

Improved Inventory Management

Manage and monitor all aspects of the products in your warehouse, from cycle counting, traceability reporting and much more.

Easy Order Processing

Import orders or manually process, your choice. With comprehensive order management tools and fully integrated into your Vigo TMS.

Faster Invoicing

Invoices can be easily created and sent via email once checked.

Easier Billing

You can land inventory and automatically generate invoices based on a number of pricing rules which are tailored for 3rd Party warehouse operations.

Flexible Invoicing

Storage charges can be complex, with many methods for storage billing including open balance, weekly max and by product category. Whatever your billing needs, we have you covered.

More Efficient Order Picking

Picking rules based on a number of business processes, enabling you to design the most optimal methods to drive efficiency.

Give online access to documents, orders, track & trace & more.

Cost effective, powerful and flexible transport management system

Mobilise your workforce

Get real-time updates throughout the collection & delivery process

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