Accelerate your Implementation

Managed design and implementation services ensures your software investment delivers benefits from day 1.


"It is better to know all the questions than some of the answers."
Chris Dallow - Product Delivery Manager, Vigo

  • The purchase of new software often brings with it a range of emotions. Excitement about new features, increased efficiency, saving time and money.
  • So with all the excitement, promise and hope pinned on the new products, why do so many software implementations fail?
  • With over 30 years’ experience across a wide section of the industry, we believe the number one reason for software implementation failures is “lack of user buy in”.
  • It is imperative for all businesses to involve the users from day 1, and ensure that adequate training and support is in place, before and after go live.
  • Accelerate Implementation is designed around the needs of your business, with all the relevant project management tools and jargon, but with a primary goal of working closely with your users.
  • It is crucial that not only do we deliver an excellent product, but the users are well trained and capable of delivering benefits from your investment in technology.

"All new software configurations are potentially flawed when they go live. What is important is the software house’s ability to react and resolve. This is where Vigo outclass the competition."
Dave Skates - Commercial Manager, Bartrums Road Services

How it works

The process

  • Define
    Understand your requirements.
  • Design
    Develop a system design that will deliver your requirements.
  • Develop
    Build your final system ready for go live.
  • Deploy
    Make sure everything is ready and train users.
  • Deliver
    Go live and ensure everything works smoothly.
  • Drive
    Monitor and optimise your new system.

Things to consider

  • Specification
    Decide what the business needs, write it down and circulate, ask for feedback.
  • Design & implementation
    A well-designed and implemented system delivers benefits quicker.
  • Master data
    "Garbage in garbage out" so it’s crucial that your data is clean and accurate before and after go live.
  • Objectives
    Why are you buying the system and what benefits do you want? Let us work with you to define and deliver.
  • Training
    Quality training with user involvement is the key to a successful implementation.

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