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A truck-based satnav that seamlessly integrates
with Mobilise

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We love our new Satnav, but then we would!

So, the only way for you to see if you love it too is to give it a go for free.

So we are offering a no obligation, 30 day FREE trial of our new integrated Satnav. All you need to do is fill in the form opposite and we’ll do the rest to get you up and running.

It’s time you had ETA’s, delivery management, ePODS and satnav on one handset!

As little as £5 per device, per month.

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Once we receive your request we will send you a form to sign and then we can setup your 30 day FREE trial
Top Features

Integrated with Manage TMS

Delivery schedule and any updates are dynamically and automatically sent to the Satnav via Mobilise.

Truck and commercial based routing

Routing allows for vehicle attributes including trailer height and weight to avoid bridge strikes and unsuitable routes

No manual address entry

All addresses are automatically loaded into the Satnav to remove the requirement for drivers to manually enter addresses.

Accurate ETA’s

Schedule updates sent to Satnav update ETA’s throughout the system to update you and your customers.

One button launch

Satnav launches with one button within Mobilise with simple, clear functionality within the app

Delivery details at a touch

Single button access to current delivery details and also current delivery schedule within Mobilise.

Automatic schedule updates

Any schedule updates are dynamically sent to the Satnav via Manage TMS and Mobilise.

Familiar and intuitive interface

Nothing new to learn as the whole Satnav interface will look familiar to users.

Based on our low monthly subscription per device the first-year cost is on average 80% cheaper than buying a standalone satnav device.