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A truck-based sat nav that seamlessly integrates with Mobilise
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Integrated Truck-based Satnav

We think it’s time to put satnav and delivery management all on one device. So that’s what we’ve done!

Only £5 per month, per device.

Our brand-new Satnav integrates seamlessly with Vigo Mobilise so you have delivery schedules and route guidance all on one device.

This removes the requirement for a separate standalone satnav device and the need to manually enter delivery addresses.

  • Convenient single button launch from within Mobile Workforce
  • Integrates with Mobilise the mobile workforce solution from Vigo
  • Planning updates are automatically sent to Satnav
  • Uses truck-based routing and optimisation

Based on the low monthly payment of £5 per device per month, the first year is 80% cheaper than buying a standalone truck-based satnav device.

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Satnav conveniently integrated with delivery schedule management all on the same device.

There is now no need for drivers to have separate devices with Vigo truck-based integrated satnav. It works seamlessly with Vigo Mobilise so you now have schedules, delivery management and an integrated satnav all on one handset.

Unlike traditional satnav solutions we have removed the need to manually enter each address. The delivery schedule, including addresses and contact details, are automatically loaded to the Satnav from the Manage TMS via Mobilise.

Routes are optimised for trucks and commercial vehicles to always use the fastest option and take into account live traffic updates, low bridges and narrow or weight-restricted access*.

Satnav can be easily loaded on all your existing devices and activated immediately via the Mobilise app. Maps are pre-loaded so navigation can be used with no data connection and helps reduce mobile data usage.

All for one low monthly cost per device.

* Subject to correct vehicle data being entered on the TMS

So how does it work?

It’s really simple to use and it all happens on one device:

Delivery schedule is sent to handset from Manage TMS as usual
Press ‘Depart with Satnav’ from within the Mobilise app
Satnav is launched from Mobile Workforce
Route guidance starts using addresses loaded from schedule
Any changes to the delivery schedule automatically update Satnav
Single click to view delivery information or return to schedule
Complete delivery as usual with ePOD
Press ‘Depart with Satnav’ for next delivery on schedule

Give online access to documents, orders, track & trace & more.

Cost effective, powerful and flexible transport management system

Mobilise your workforce

Get real-time updates throughout the collection & delivery process

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