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Satnav Features

Simplistic yet mighty
  • Integrated with Manage TMS
  • One button launch from Mobile Workforce
  • Simplifies the delivery process for drivers and agency drivers
  • Truck and commercial-based routing
  • Routing takes into account vehicle attributes (height, weight etc.)*
  • Maps pre-loaded to reduce mobile data usage or for loss of data connection
  • Map view or turn-by-turn navigation
  • Navigation takes into account live traffic
  • Navigation voice with option to turn on/off
  • Delivery contact details uploaded to device for easy call management
  • Satnav shows ETA’s
  • Regular map updates included in monthly fee
  • Single click access to delivery details
  • Schedule updates automatically uploaded to sat nav
  • Switch seamlessly between satnav and delivery schedule
  • Familiar and intuitive satnav interface
  • Loads on to existing device so, no need for extra hardware
  • Simple low-cost monthly charge per handset

* Subject to correct vehicle data being entered on the TMS

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