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  • Connect Your Customers
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Connect Features

Implant System
  • Remove manual job entry process
  • Batch job upload from CSV/Excel files
  • Automatically batch upload jobs & print pallet labels
  • Clients can pre-label pallets
  • Data validation and notification
Job Entry
  • Rapid job entry with address validation & saved client address books
  • Automated label printing for clients to pre-label consignments.
  • Assign precise job prefixes per customer
  • Pre-set cut-off delivery dates and times restrictions 
  • Pallet label printing
  • Customer own paperwork scanning
  • Customer delivery address management
  • View past / present / future jobs which are editable 
Track and Trace
  • Live delivery status
  • Discrepancy management
  • Fully exportable data grids
  • ETA notification options to send to clients for multiple job statuses
  • Real-time EPOD
  • Displays all live deliveries with corresponding delivery service,
  • Dynamic ETA and delivery status.
  • Ability to see status of each job 
EPOD and Document Management
  • Scanned POD upload
  • Real-time EPOD signatures
  • Powerful print suite
  • Provide your customers with visibility of all scanned documents
  • Documents indexed against each order
  • Powerful search facility
  • Email hyperlink of POD to customers
  • POD images in multiple formats including; PDF, JPEG, GIF and TIFF.
  • Export data to CSV for analysis purposes etc
  • View and email EDC PODs from this tab
  • Cloud based SaaS solution
  • Fully hosted – 99.99% uptime
  • Brand with your logo and colours
  • Interactive delivery map
  • Linked with pallet network integration to enable accurate routing.
  • Customise the portal to your company image, colours and logos.
  • Key performance indicator options for home screen 
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