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Streamline your business and connect your customers

One of the easiest ways to streamline your operations is to get your customers connected and online using our Connect software. Fully integrated with our TMS, delays are removed as clients can administer their own orders, along with many other essential tools, with real-time visibility.

This improves efficiency and reduces inbound calls, so your team have more time to look after existing customers, get new customers and manage the day-to-day operations.

It’s so easy for customers to process orders, manage delivery documents, monitor order progress and retrieve PODs, amongst many other features. The on-site implant system gives your customers direct access to the portal from their system.

We are with you every step of the way.
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Putting your customers in control
  • Reduce time-consuming tasks. Jobs can be uploaded in batches from CSV/Excel files, removing manual job entry.
  • Improved label printing. Automatically batch print pallet labels and pre-label pallets.
  • Accurate order processing. Data validation and notification ensures customer orders match your records and also checks and validates addresses.
Real-time traceability
  • Status updates anytime, anywhere. Live delivery status and real-time EPOD.
  • Clear delivery management. Display ETA and also mange delivery discrepancies.
  • Online track and trace. Add ‘Track my order’ to your website, your customers site or even your customers’ customers websites! This provides immediate access to order status, making order tracking simple.
Efficient document management
  • Industry leading POD management. Including scanning of PODs, real-time EPOD signatures, and sending an email hyperlink of POD to customers.
  • Reduce paperwork. Customers can view all scanned documents which can be indexed against each order with an additional powerful search facility.
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