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  • Bartrums Vehicles

    Bartrums Road Services

Fact File
  • Founded in 1929
  • Over 270 employees
  • A fleet of 160 vehicles

“Without the Vigo TMS solution we would not be able to function as efficiently as we do when moving a minimum of 1,400 network pallets a day”

Customer profile

Bartrums Road Services is a family firm founded in 1929 and currently run by the third generation with the fourth generation already working within the company. As part of the Bartrums Group there are 270 employees with 160 trucks.


Dave Skates, Commercial Manager at Bartrums Road Services, said: “Haulage and pallet distribution work on very tight margins and the software solution we use has to be fit for purpose, affordable and capable of being developed in line with the needs of our business.”

“Our previous software was an ‘off the shelf’ solution from our pallet network which was effective but was not expandable and could not cope with our non-network and delivery partner requirements.”

“A new solution has to be easy to understand at all user levels, as well as being flexible and expandable.”


“Vigo understood our needs and worked with us to achieve them, providing onsite support when we went live and ongoing remote support on a day to day basis.”

“All new software configurations are potentially flawed when they go live. What is important is the software house’s ability to react and resolve. This is where Vigo outclass the competition.”

“After the initial implementation, we have added integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and numerous links to partner systems. All of these additions maintain a uniform experience for our users so that minimal retraining has to be made with each new addition.”


Customer Portal – “The customers now book all of their jobs and scan all of their own paperwork online saving many hours of key entry online at the depot.” In addition the ability of customers to track consignments and view PODS online makes customer service virtually self-service and saves many hours of customer support.

Invoice by email – “This saves a fortune in postage costs and provides an irrefutable audit trail to show that invoices have been sent.” The inclusion of hyperlinks to POD with in the invoice PDF again saves many man hours of Customer Service.

Partner Links – “Proving links to non-network partners from within the Vigo system helps maintain a consistent user experience.”

“Moving pallets on vehicles is not complicated and we have many competitors doing the same thing. What is complicated is keeping your customers both external and internal informed and this is where Vigo gives us an affordable USP.”

“If I was to recommend Vigo to another company, the description would be “best in field”. Without the Vigo TMS solution we would not be able to function as efficiently as we do when moving a minimum of 1,400 network pallets a day.” concludes Dave at Bartrums Road Services.