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  • A long line of Aztek vehicles

    Aztek Logistics Ltd

Fact File
  • In business for 16 years
  • Over 70 employees
  • A fleet of 38 vehicles

“Payback was achieved in less than 6 months, which makes it easy for me to recommend Vigo Software! Thank you Vigo.”

Customer profile

In 2009, Aztek Logistics acquired its 7-acre site, complete with 70,000 sq ft of secure, bulk & racked warehousing. This impressive facility meant they were able to offer a number of value-added services to complement their clients many needs.


Faced with running too many systems, Stuart Charter, Managing Director at Aztek Logistics, was looking for a new Transport Management System (TMS) to gain better visibility and efficiency across the whole of his operation.

The two computer systems they were using would not integrate and talk to each other and was holding them back. The needs of the business leant towards the Vigo TMS – a solution that would work with them to help them move the business in the direction they wanted it to go.


In simple terms, Aztek were looking for a ‘One stop shop’ for all their transport management needs. They already had some experience of working with the Vigo TMS solution and could see the benefits it could bring, ease of use, greater visibility and control. Despite their existing supplier trying to improve and make the system more efficient, it couldn’t compete with the integration and efficiency that Vigo TMS was able to offer.

“Vigo understood from the initial meeting what we were trying to achieve and the system ticked all the boxes.” Says Stuart. “It was a simple changeover, there were no major challenges in implementing Vigo TMS – we just needed to focus on a new way of operating the system from the previous software.”

“I would highly recommend Vigo Software, they are understanding, proactive and professional. The support team are second to none. The service they offer is first class, they get things done the same day – you don’t get that level of service anywhere else. After implementation, support can sometimes drop off, but that’s not the case with Vigo. Issues are dealt with quickly and professionally, minimizing any down time to our operation. You can rest assured that you’re receiving the best support and training possible when you work with Vigo Software.”


Vigo TMS has significantly helped Aztek Logistics with greater visibility and integration, the solution has saved them several man hours a day by simply operating one system that is fully integrated.

“The customer experience is also enhanced, Vigo TMS has made it a lot easier for our customers only having to access one system for information and POD’s.”

Planning profitable loads has never been easier for Aztek Logistics. “We now have the perfect system for consolidating our customer deliveries and drive margin and performance improvements across the business.”

“Payback was achieved in less than 6 months, which makes it easy for me to recommend Vigo Software! Thank you Vigo.”