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The Benefits of Software for Transport and Logistics

Want to enjoy easier order processing and spend less time on tasks like customer administration?

Our market leading Transport Management Software (TMS) is used by many well-known companies within the logistics and haulage industry. The TMS software for logistics is extremely flexible and the management solutions are designed to help streamline operations and grow business profitability. This software can help companies save time and money by reducing costs associated with manual processes and eliminating delays due to incorrect data entry. Users can utilise the single platform to manage the entire order-to-cash process and use its real-time update tools to optimise planning, delivery, dispatching, and invoicing efforts.

So What Are The Key Benefits of Using Transport and Logistics Software Solutions?

Easier order processing is just one of the many benefits of using our software to organise your key processes and functions, whether you choose manual entry, cloud portal or importing files.

TMS is user friendly and is designed to help you both work better and more efficiently, making your business more cost and time-effective. The TMS enables you to plan your jobs then manage and monitor your activity effectively throughout the day.

This software improves many different aspects of processing management, including ensuring you spend less time entering jobs. You can also store a range of pricing models for each customer, to ensure that it’s always consistent. Since customer details are all in one place, it drastically improves your admin in this regard.

You will also enjoy superior planning for your logistics business, with features that enable you to plan routes and stay in touch with your drivers. With TMS you can continually monitor progress and ETA’s, along with sending route updates in real-time through the Vigo Mobile application.

Your company will have easy proof of delivery, improved POD management, and be able to create invoices quickly and easily.

With the use of this technology, it’s much easier to keep everything on-track, allowing for real-time allocation and communication with customers.

If you need technology for better processing management, discover more about our software for logistics companies today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.