Our People

We are a team working towards a long term vision. These values guide our business, product development and our brand. As our business continues to grow and evolve these values remain constant.

Our team values

  • People

    Are the centre of our organisation. Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, by creating a challenging workplace and can-do attitude, whilst treating each other with honesty, compassion and respect.

  • Teamwork

    Solutions come from working together, with both colleagues and clients.

  • Innovation

    Gives us competitive advantage – we promote collaboration and sharing of ideas across our business. We encourage people to challenge established practices and drive continual improvement. We strive to identify the needs of our customers and through innovation we challenge ourselves to meet those needs.

  • Quality

    Prioritising reliability, focusing on customer needs - at Vigo we will achieve quality through a strong commitment to the quality management system, whilst ensuring we exceed the requirements of our customers, building strong relationships, employee involvement and ensuring training and support.

  • Excellence

    Delivering what we promise and adding value. Anything we do well now, we can do better.

  • Customer focus

    Enabling our clients to become high-performance businesses - by utilising our technology, whilst being responsive and relevant to their requirements.

Want a new challenge?

We know how important people are to make a business a success. After all, without brilliant, talented, lovely people, you’re just a pile of bricks, a few doors, some desks, manky paper bins, some curled-up Post-it Notes and a biro that doesn’t work.

So we want to a) get the best people we can on board HMS Vigo, and b) look after them while they’re here. And if they’re good, we never want them to leave (but they can if they want to). We hope they won’t want to leave if they love it that much.