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    We are you. We, are Vigo Software

We’ve come a long way, but we’ve only just started

We’ve grown and transformed into a different business. So, we felt now was the right time to reflect this change and present us as the organisation we are today.

Our vision, mission and values have driven our success and we wanted a new look and feel that communicated this to our customers and partners, both old and new.

We are a software and technology business, who understand the logistics industry and the businesses that work within it.

We are you, we are Vigo Software.
Our new brand now presents us as the modern tech company that we are and one that specialises in the logistics and haulage sector. We are a passionate, forward-thinking business who care about our products and the services our expert team provide. Our brand will help stamp our vision and values across everything we do.

We have created a new logo to encapsulate everything Vigo. We have innovation and people at the heart of everything we do, we’re passionate, caring and are driven to create success for our customers. 

This is more than just a new logo, it defines who we are, how we look with both the language and images that we use. We want to keep things simple, clearly define the benefits we bring to businesses and represent the future ambitions of Vigo and our people.
Vigo Software ColoursVigo Software Colours
Alongside the logo is a new colour scheme, family of fonts and a specific style of imagery that will highlight the amazing people who work in the logistics industry. The strapline has been simplified to represent the broader range of services and products we offer; we are more than just software.

Our new brand will help shape future innovation and ensure we continue to deliver new products and services that benefit our customers and the industry we care about.

This brand and the vision it represents will be a springboard to continued growth and success, not just for Vigo but, more importantly for our customers.

This exciting change marks our continued ambition and commitment to provide innovative technology and services to the logistics industry. Better!
To learn more about our journey…
Learn more about our brilliant products
Manage Your Business
Vigo’s cost effective, powerful and flexible transport management system integrates easily into your current operation.
Mobilise Your Workforce
The Vigo mobile solution is designed to provide your whole team and your drivers real-time updates and visibility throughout the whole collection and delivery process.
Connect Your Customers

Our Vigo Connect portal simply connects all your customers to your TMS and provides them with online access to processing delivery documentation, orders, track & trace and much more.

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