UKWA demands warehouse workers be made exempt from self-isolation as 40% are hit by “pingdemic”.

The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) is calling on the government to make its workers exempt from self-isolation, with 40% currently isolating as a result of the “pingdemic”.

Clare Bottle, UKWA chief executive, has written an open letter to Department of Transport (DfT) under-secretary Rachel Maclean, making a case for logistics workers to be exempt to prevent further shortages of supplies.

“During the earlier phases of the Covid-19 pandemic, logistics workers, including warehouse workforces, benefitted from “essential worker” status, which helped our members and the wider logistics community to maintain critical supply chains, including food and pharmaceutical supplies,” Bottle said. “We believe that exemption from self-isolation should now apply to this sector by default, which would be in line with the earlier position of the government and straightforward to implement.”

Hopes that fully vaccinated critical workers would be able to avoid self-isolating when recommended to do so by the Track-and-Trace app, after it was mooted by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, were dashed when the government later insisted that would only apply to a “very low number of people” and that employers would be obliged to make individual applications for the exemption.

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