The UK is about to experience a catastrophic HGV driver shortage for the first time in 20 years and we must brace ourselves for impact.

Driver Require has just released its latest Report – a comprehensive investigation into “A Perfect Storm of Elevated Demand and Reduced Supply in the UK Haulage Sector in 2021”, which has brought together a panel of haulage sector experts to validate its workings and conclusions through a series of workshops, named the Think Tank.

With representatives from the REC, Logistics UK, Think Logistics, Road to Logistics, haulage and distribution operators including grocery suppliers, a statistics expert, a national fleet hire supplier and an established HGV driver training school, the Think Tank has concluded that haulage activity has recently returned to pre-pandemic levels, and there is demand for approximately 300,000 HGV drivers, and that this is likely to increase throughout the remainder of 2021. It also anticipates that further pressure will come from HGV drivers taking vacation over the school summer holiday period.

Driver Require has been tracking the UK’s HGV driver shortage issue for a number of years prior to the Coronavirus outbreak and then more closely as we progressed through the pandemic. Our findings show that, prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the haulage sector was already suffering from a chronic low-level shortage of HGV drivers that became severe in times of rapid uplift in requirements or during seasonal peak demand. Previously, the sector had relied heavily on EU HGV drivers to avoid a supply crisis in the event of a rapid increase in demand.

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