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  •  Logistics Solutions 

Logistics Solutions

We have a range of additional products and services all focused on making logistics and transport businesses more efficient to improve their profitability and help them grow.

We believe in providing effective solutions. Our team are dedicated to finding the best way forward for each of our customers, whether it’s to improve warehousing or identify better working practices.

Automating as many processes as you can will deliver a better service to your customers. This, in turn, will keep them closer and create a solid base for growth. The Vigo team are here to help the logistics sector work smarter and help grow the great businesses that make up the transport industry.

Warehouse Management Solutions

Vigo Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is designed to simplify your warehouse processes whilst providing real-time management of inbound, storage, picking and despatch operations.

When combined with barcode scanning, the benefits are significant.

Pallet Network Solutions

We are specialists in providing a range of solutions and technology for some of the biggest Pallet Networks in the UK. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver a hub system and integrate all the different members and systems within your pallet network. Our team will work with you to assess your requirements and then design and deliver the right solution for your network.

Hardware & Inventory Management Solutions

Whether it’s a server or a handset you need, we are partners with leading hardware and technology brands and can provide you with a one stop technology solution.

We don’t just deliver boxes, our team can help with installation, setup and support – whatever your requirements. We are also able to offer a range of finance and lease options to help with cash-flow.

Integration Solutions

Ensuring that all your systems work together is essential to keep the whole delivery process working smoothly and with total visibility. We have data import and export solutions that are designed to integrate with most 3rd party providers and also most pallet networks.

By also integrating with your accounts software, we can improve efficiency of staff time and usage and take customer service to the next level while benefitting cash-flow.

We are you. We, are Vigo Software.