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Your computer system is at the centre of your entire business and without it things can’t get done. At Vigo we understand this, which is why our maintenance & security services are set-up the way they are.

Online backup

Data is said to be growing at an average rate of 30% year-on-year and 9 out of 10 organisations have an issue with backup.

Protect your organisation for less with Vigo's fully automated data backups.


Data is the beating heart of most modern businesses, so efficient, accessible and secure handling of your data is more crucial than ever. But managing your backups in-house can be complicated, time consuming and costly – particularly if human error leads to a mishap.

With traditional tape backups becoming more obsolete every day, you need the confidence that your backups can be processed easily, and restored instantly. Automated cloud backups from Vigo are ideal from a practical and financial point of view. You’ll only wish you made the switch sooner.


approximate new malicious programs recorded every day

Vigo antivirus

The continual rise of ever-more sophisticated cybercrime means that simple things like browsing the internet and opening emails can leave your business under threat of a malicious IT attack.

Untrustworthy websites and dubious attachments can unleash all manner of worms, viruses, malware and more into your system:

Total malware programs detected has tripled in the last 24 months

SMEs tend to have poor awareness of IT threats and underestimate them more than bigger organisations; a recent industry survey showed three-quarters of SMEs thought they were too small to be targeted, making them easy pickings for cyber criminals. In fact, statistics show that 3 out of 4 SMEs have experienced an online security breach.

Ransomware attacks (data being held hostage) has risen ten-fold in 30 months

Without a robust antivirus system in place, a malicious threat could damage your hardware, delete critical files, steal customer information and corrupt software; not to mention the time and cost it takes to recover, plus the often irreversible damage to your reputation.

Software & hardware support

One call to our technical support team for all your business needs.

Let Vigo get you back to business within a guaranteed timeframe when you have an IT issue.


You have a specific list of software and IT hardware you want supported, when there's a problem, simply book a call to resolve issues. Importantly, total reassurance and confidence are provided from a Service Level Agreement and a fixed overhead competitively priced to match your needs.

Software and hardware IT support gives you break-fix help and support from the experts when you have an IT problem. It also gives you reassurance that when there's an IT issue, you have a contracted team you can call.


  • You have a problem - book a call.
  • Make as many calls as you want.
  • Cost covers IT support for all listed software and hardware.
  • Can include parts and labour for repair under agreement.
  • Can cover peripheral hardware i.e. switches, firewalls etc.
  • Has Service Level Agreements for each item of IT – 2, 4, 8 hours, next day and 24 hours.
  • Upgrade to fully managed IT support at any time.
  • Fixed price.

"We needed to implement quickly, and with Vigo’s team involved they managed the whole process in 2 weeks, along with taking over the management of our IT infrastructure. We have increased payloads and reduced planning times, well done Vigo."
Mike Phillips - MD, Ralph Davies International

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