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Creating logistics software that's flexible and reliable.

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"Programming is the breaking down of one big impossible task into several very small possible tasks."
Andrew Walchester - Technical Director, Vigo

The demands of your users and customers are constantly changing. Don’t be fenced in by generic, off-the-shelf packages. Delivering the new functionality they crave doesn’t have to be a headache.

You dream of new functionality. We will figure it out how to make the software product incorporate it. With a system that is customised to your exact requirements, you spend time and energy where it really matters.

The Vigo Development Team

vigo software - team member

Keith Taylor

vigo software - team member

Ian Thomason

Operations Director
vigo software - team member

Stefon Charlton

Software Developer
vigo software - team member

Andrew Walchester

Technical Director
vigo software - stephen stickings

Stephen Stickings

Quality Manager
vigo software - team member

Chris Dallow

Product Manager

Amy Taylor

Software Developer
vigo software - team member

David Maiden

Head of New Product Development
vigo software - team member

Neil Kear

Software Developer
vigo software - team member

Andy Poutney

Software Developer

"The reality about logistics is that it's future-oriented. If we're planning for what we have, we're behind the curve."
David Maiden - Head of New Product Development, Vigo

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