Transport Management Software (TMS) for logistics & haulage operations

Transport Management Software

With Vigo's transport software you will have all of the right tools to create a more efficient, profitable business, with visibility across your operations.

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The Vigo Transport Management Software (TMS) solution integrates many logistics business functions and streamlines processes, so that you can focus on increasing sales whilst reducing costs.

"If I was to recommend Vigo to another company, the description would be 'best in field'."
Dave Skates - Commercial Manager, Bartrums Road Services

Order processing

Rapid order processing using Vigo Transport Management Software (TMS) tools. From simple manual entry, cloud portal or importing files, it couldn't be simpler. Enhance your service offering to your clients.

Rate cards

We have a comprehensive set of rates cards. All your work can be rated at the point of order entry with over 40 different pricing models for you to choose from. Surcharges and other pricing options are available right through the process.

Receive orders

From simple manual order entry to importing files, there are many ways in which you can process orders into the system.  With Vigo TMS you can be confident that you can offer your clients a comprehensive suite of order management tools.


With a full address lookup solution and the ability to store key information against the collection and/or delivery points, you will always have the right information.


Plan your jobs then manage and monitor your activity throughout the day with Vigo TMS.

  • Efficient, rapid planning: Tailored to meet your requirements, the Vigo TMS solution will speed up the planning process and improve visibility whilst simplifying your processes. You decide how best to configure.
  • Route optimisation: With single route optimisation you can have full visibility of your ETA's and costs before committing a vehicle to the road, and can make amendments on the fly to ensure the right revenues and service levels are achieved.
  • Visibility: Constantly monitor the plan through continual feedback from your driver's handsets and monitor progress throughout the day.

 "We can now plan all of our loads in under 2 hours and optimise our revenues for each vehicle. It is saving us over 4 hours a day planning and has pushed our payload average up by 15% per vehicle, great news for our business - thanks, Vigo."
Toby Love - Operations Director, Ralph Davies International

Proof of delivery to invoice - then get paid

Manage and share documents seamlessly.


PODs are instantly available to your clients online. We can share them between partners, send email notifications and link them to the invoice. Whatever your POD needs, we have got you covered.

Reporting & KPIs

Run reports and build KPIs with all the data now available to you from the Vigo TMS solution. We can tailor information to meet your requirements.


Email invoices directly to your clients, with the invoice linked to your PODs. Your clients simply click on the link to see the relevant POD.


Improve your cash flow and get paid quicker by reducing the time across your operation in handling pricing and POD management.

Additional Vigo TMS products

Device 2019
  • Mobile Workforce

    By adding Vigo Mobile to your TMS you create real-time visibility across the system, whilst further enhancing your business offering.

  • Client Connect

    Connect your clients via the cloud so they can process orders, pre-scan delivery paperwork and much more.

  • Cross dock

    Add the ability to the Vigo TMS to manage cross dock operations, simplifying your loading process. Never lose a pallet again!

  • Pallet network

    We are compatible with almost all the pallet networks in the UK, after all, we are the best at network solutions.

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