Due to the very nature of multi depot, multi-site, regional centres, inter-depot trunking and hub & spoke systems, the system is tailored made to specific needs.

The approach

Transportation networks were disorganised and transit companies were losing money.

Developing more efficient networks

As technology has developed, the logistics sector has found faster and more cost-effective ways of shipping freight. The hub-and-spoke model was born from industry efforts to develop more efficient networks. Vigo has supported these initiatives for over 20 years and is a leader in the development of the technology supporting these networks.

A dedicated full time product manager

No one system or approach is the same with many variables dictating design. Our approach is to model out the requirements and provide a mock-up version of the finished product for your business to review. We then assign a full-time product manager for the duration of the project, to ensure that your requirements are fully met and delivered.


"The future for pallet networks is rosy. It is a concept which suits users & customers, suits the environment and suits the greater economy."
Andrew Walchester - Senior Software Engineer, Vigo

The network specialists


Amy Barratt

Senior Software Engineer

Neil Kear

Senior Software Engineer

Andrew Walchester

Senior Software Engineer

Stephen Stickings

Business Analyst

Ian Thomason

Scrum Master

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