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Vigo Software’s Products

We have the software products and knowledge to manage and optimise your logistics business and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Vigo Software streamlines everyday tasks from job entry and route planning all the way through to POD and invoicing. It reduces the time needed to manage the entire delivery process with real-time updates and tracking for visibility for you and your customers. This not only improves your service but also reduces transport costs.

Our software solutions are easily implemented and integrated by our team, who have a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. We know about logistics and have developed software that works with you and your business.

Great transport software is only a small part of the solution, and we believe that people are what makes it work effectively. Our installation and support team are always here to help. We don’t just setup the system and leave you to it, we become part of your team.

We are you. We are Vigo Software.

The Vigo Transport Management Software (TMS) solution integrates many logistics business functions and streamlines processes, so that you can focus on increasing sales, enhancing your service offering, and reducing costs.

You’ll benefit from rapid order processing using the simple TMS tools, whether you choose manual entry, cloud portal or importing files. All enhancing the service you provide to your customers. The TMS enables you to plan your jobs then manage and monitor your activity effectively throughout the day.

With PODs instantly available online, invoicing is simpler, payment is quicker, and cashflow is improved. Invoices and PODs can be shared by email or via text messages with both documents automatically linked together.

Our mobile solution integrates with your TMS to improve real-time information and visibility through the whole delivery process for you and your drivers.

With just a few taps you can complete jobs, take photos, capture signatures and much more – right at the point of delivery or collection.

The information is then available in real-time, so everyone knows what is happening with any consignment at any time.

We can supply the software or a complete mobile solution which can include handsets, accessories and airtime contracts. As you would expect, all backed up with full training and support from our knowledgeable and helpful support team.

The Vigo online client portal gets all your customers connected to your business so they can process their own orders, access delivery documents, track and trace orders and much more.

This value-added service extends your service offering and reduces the workload and pressure on your transport office and your team.

It integrates seamlessly with the Vigo TMS (Manage), so you have a complete transport management solution which will deliver huge benefits to your customers and your business.