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Pallet Networks

The heart of every successful delivery network is the central technology that drives the whole network and its member. That is where Vigo can help.

As one of the leading pallet network integrators, we have the industry knowledge along with an experienced team of developers to integrate with most of the leading delivery networks.

Building on our long-standing relationships with some of the leading pallet networks, Vigo has developed an efficient and adaptable Hub system. Our Pallet Management Hub software gives your network the control and flexibility it needs to be successful.

Order management and planning can be handled by the TMS and Connect or directly into the Hub software where everything else is then handled. This ensures that the network runs smoothly and consistently with total transparency across the entire delivery chain.

We are with you every step of the way.
Vigo’s Pallet Management System Benefits
  • Central point of control. All data comes into the Hub and this handles everything across the whole network.
  • Control how the network works. Set the rules that apply across all members of your network. This can include the range of delivery services offered and allocating postcode areas.
  • Measure performance. KPI’s are easy to setup within the Hub with easy reporting features.
  • Invoicing and billing in one place.
  • Works with all type of networks. Multi depot, multi-site, regional centres, inter-depot trunking and hub & spoke systems.
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