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IT Services & Support

Our IT Services team can advise, supply, install and support all your IT requirements including servers, PC’s, printers and any other additional hardware and software.

Alongside our software this creates a robust and reliable system from which you can run a more efficient and predictable business.

We are with you every step of the way.
Remote IT Support

All our support packages have defined “Response Times” to tickets and support calls and relate to the amount of time between an issue being logged and Vigo communicating acknowledgement of the request.

Remote IT Support covers the following:

  • Hardware issues (excluding any parts or costs incurred for repair)
  • Server fault troubleshooting/recovery where possible
  • Client machine troubleshooting/recovery where possible
  • Windows operating system support
  • Application fault support
Out of Hours/Emergency Support

We know that issues don’t always happen during the working day so support for critical issues is available outside of working hours. Out of hours work falls into two categories: Planned and Unplanned.

Planned out of hours work defines work that is completed outside of working hours to reduce business impact. Planned work will be carried out for IT system development work, patching, etc.

Unplanned out of hours work, also known as a “call out”, defines work that arises from a fault or failure outside of business hours. Unplanned work will only be carried out for critical issues. Both are billed outside of contract unless hours are included in the selected package.

On-Site IT Support

Some problems require on-site support to resolve, but every effort will be made to resolve issues remotely. Faults that require a technician to attend site are billable outside of contract unless otherwise specified.

While every effort to resolve issues remotely will be made, Vigo may recommend that someone attend site in order to resolve issues in a timely and effective manner.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

When things go seriously wrong you must have a back-up and recovery plan to ensure your business keeps running with minimum impact on your customers and finances.

Vigo will provide a full back-up and disaster recovery plan for servers and business critical hardware. The solution includes on-premises and cloud back-up, as well as a tailored recovery plan for the systems in question.

Only hardware supplied by Vigo is included in the back-up program. Recovery times are defined in the support package and start from the time Vigo is notified of the issue by the customer.

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Vigo supply hosted Microsoft Office 365 email and applications. Initial installation, configuration and migration to Office 365 is billed separately on a per-case basis.

Remote Monitoring and Alerting

You are busy keeping an eye on your business and looking after your customers so why should you be checking your servers? Vigo’s remote monitor and notification service will actively monitor server vital signs and network connectivity to ensure its health and enable proactive issue resolution.

Vigo will be alerted to issues that might affect business operations and will proactively work to resolve them. Response time is defined as part of the support package.


A virus can have a catastrophic effect on your operation but there is an easy solution. Vigo can install and protect you from virus attacks and ensure operations are unaffected. Each user license includes one license for endpoint Anti-Virus.

Server support licenses include three server Anti-Virus licenses.

Exclusions and Clarifications

Only equipment and infrastructure supplied by Vigo Software is covered under contract unless otherwise agreed prior to contract commencement. The following is not included:

  • Telephony/Phone Systems
  • Structured Cabling
  • ISP Issues (unless connection supplied by Vigo)
  • CCTV
  • Printers (unless supplied by Vigo)
We are you. We, are Vigo Software.