Moody Logistics looks to future long term deal with Gastroback

Moody Logistics and its sister company MCR Services are in line for a long term deal with premium home appliance brand Gastroback, after working closely with the company since its UK launch last summer.

Moody Logistics provides contract logistics and pallet-based deliveries and operates a fleet of 28 HGV vehicles from its 7-acre base at the Bolam Business Park in Cramlington. Sister company MCR Services, which is located at the same base, offers contract packing industry, covering reworking and quality inspection.

Under its agreement with Gastroback, Moody Logistics provides extensive warehouse facilities together with a pick and pack service for the manufacturer’s range of over 50 products, as well as ensuring orders are delivered on time to retailers and end-users around the country, which Gastroback said was key to its decision to choose them as their UK partners.

The role of rework specialists MCR Services, under the deal, is to fit UK plugs to those appliances shipped directly from Germany, as well as PAT and repairs.

Marcus Lux, Gastroback’s head of export and business development, pictured centre, said: “We have experienced a huge demand for our quality products since launching in the UK. This has been helped by the fact that people have been spending more time in their kitchens during the pandemic cooking and baking.

“Very quickly, we had to increase our shipments to cope with increasing orders, particularly for such items as bread makers, waffle makers, coffee machines and raclette fondue sets.

“Fortunately, Moody Logistics and MCR Services have been able to support our UK growth ambitions and I believe this will develop into a long-term relationship.”

He added: “Gastroback wants to expand further, and we are already in the process of increasing our stock levels in anticipation of further demand.”

Caroline Moody, MD of Moody Logistics and Storage, said: “We have created a one-stop shop for Gastroback. We know its products and its customers’ needs extremely well and that means we can help them grow their business.”

Matthew Fretwell, production supervisor at MCR Services, said: “We are experienced working with other German brands and are pleased to support Gastroback by ensuring their appliances are ready for the UK market.”

Source: Motor Transport