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12 November, 2021

John Hacklings Transport Ltd extends use of fingerprint drug testing

12 November, 2021

John Hacklings (Transport) Ltd, the company that delivers a complete road haulage, logistics, storage and distribution services offer through its Hacklings brand, is extending its use of fingerprint drug testing as part of its health and safety programme. Having rented an Intelligent Fingerprinting system previously, Hacklings has now purchased two of the latest fingerprint drug screening systems from the company, enabling testing to be carried out in-house across its sites, including two Palletline depots in Swindon and Cheltenham.

Intelligent Fingerprinting’s simple fingerprint-based sweat test takes around 10 minutes to screen for cocaine, cannabis, opiates and methamphetamine, using a portable reader and disposable test cartridges. The system is hygienic and easy to use, and offers a more dignified and convenient approach to drug testing than conventional tests which require urine or saliva sample collection. Hacklings will use the fingerprint drug test for a range of testing applications, including pre-employment drug screens, random testing – to promote safety across its depots and warehouses – and for cause testing, should a situation arise within its logistics and warehouse operations.

Stefan van Jaarsveld, Compliance Manager for Hacklings, said: “Compared to the traditional saliva and urine methods we have used previously, Intelligent Fingerprinting drug tests are clean, quick and exceptionally easy to use. We started renting their test system when we originally moved to the fingerprint method about two years ago. Due to the success of this project, we have now purchased two of Intelligent Fingerprinting’s latest fingerprint drug testing systems. We will now be able to screen drivers and machinery operators on-site at any of our depots as we wish providing us with complete drug testing control and flexibility across our operations.”

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