End of the brick shaped cab? EU brings truck design revisions forward to 2020

The introduction of trucks with more rounded fronts that improve aerodynamics as well as vision for drivers has been brought forward to 2020.

The European Parliament said an agreement struck by EU lawmakers amends the date that truck makers can build vehicles that exceed length limits from 2022 to 1 September 2020.

Transport Commissioner Violet Bulc said the changes to the law covering vehicle weight and dimensions would mean trucks carrying freight over long distances could consume up to 10% less fuel each year.

The European federation for Transport & Environment (T&E) welcomed the reforms, which it said will speed up the roll out of more rounded truck fronts that allow drivers to better see pedestrians and cyclists.

James Nix, T&E freight and climate director said: “For decades EU law prohibited truckmakers from producing more streamlined, rounded cabs, holding back safety and aerodynamics.

“[This] decision puts an end to this and paves the way for more fuel efficient and safer trucks to hit the road from next year, many years earlier than previously agreed.”

On 21 February, the European Parliament will also vote on introducing a direct vision standard for new trucks, which would set out the area surrounding a cab that a driver must be able to see without using mirrors.

Nix said this revision could make it easier for truck makers to achieve a higher star rating for London’s Direct Vision Standard, which comes into force next year.

Source: Motor Transport Magazine

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