Driver Shortage – The view from a lorry park

We’re not welcome, we got the country through Covid, now they don’t care anymore.” This was the view of Barry, a career trucker, when we talked about the HGV driver shortage that’s hitting harder every day right across our industry.

Barry’s comments were echoed many times as I chatted to drivers at a truck stop today (19 May). Others blamed the loss of European colleagues after Brexit, inconsistent pay, the role of agencies in the industry, and poor parking and welfare provision for overnight and longer stops.

None of this will be a surprise to any of us who work in the industry, but increasingly the impact of these issues is being felt more widely – and among customers, too.

One haulage firm had to park up 80 trucks recently because there weren’t the drivers available to move them.

I heard another example from a driver: “I am one of only two (drivers) on the road today, the rest of our fleet is parked up because the boss can’t find any drivers. I’m worried we will lose business.”

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