Top 10 reasons to join vigo

"I like how relaxed the office is and the lack of corporate feel or micromanagement. I like the openness and availability of my colleagues and I feel comfortable asking anyone in the office a question."

vigo software - present - gift

1. Buy a pressie

When you join us we give you £100 of hard earned cash to buy us all a pressie here at Vigo. It may be a funky retro poster, board game or something for the canteen, you decide.

2. Spotify

All employees get a Premium subscription to Spotify, so that you can listen to music, create a Vigo playlist so that everyone can listen, contribute or criticise you for your music taste!

vigo software - spotify

3. Darts & ping pong

Bring it on, we like darts and ping pong here at Vigo, so sharpen up your skills everyday. 180teeeeee.

4. Charity

We work with a great Charity locally here in Bromsgrove “The Basement Project”, here at Vigo we pledge to give 1% of our profits to the charity and all employees get 2 paid days off per year to volunteer for the charity. It’s important we help those who have less and also feel good that we are doing our bit.

vigo software - happy birthday - cake - colourful

5. Happy birthday!

If your birthday happens to fall on weekday, you get your birthday off! Lie in, go shopping do whatever you like, we know you’ll miss us.

6. Posh loo roll

Really important aspect of working with Vigo is that you get posh loo roll, not the silly quilted stuff but the really nice soft stuff, with puppies running around.

vigo software - posh loo roll
vigo software - beer and BBQ - logo

7. BBQ's & beer friday

We try to ensure that every so often we have a beer or two, the drinks are on us so feel free to discuss work, politics or X-Factor. We also during summer have as many BBQ’s as the weather permits!!

8. Vroom, vroom

We want all our employees mobile so they can do loads of cool things and see the world without constraint, so we will pay for your first 3 driving lessons…beep beep.

vigo software - L plates - driving - learning
vigo software - truth builds

9. Nice offices

As we all spend a lot of time at work, it’s important that we enjoy being there!! So we’ve got ping pong, darts, table top arcade machine, bean bags, snacks and all sorts of bits and bobs, even a remote control drone. We want you to be inspired and tell other people in particular your mum how cool it is to work at Vigo, even if she thinks you work in “Computers”.

10. Leave your ego at the door

We believe everyone has ideas and a special gift in life, whether you’re the boss or just starting out. We encourage ideas from everyone and we listen. We only employ nice people who aren’t boring or have big egos. We can all sit down and have a good natter and agree which ideas are the best.

vigo software - ego

What our people say

“Best company I’ve ever worked at. There is a large mix of personalities which combine to make a great productive working environment. I love that each day is different and there are new challenges to resolve. I genuinely feel I am part of something special here. I like it so much I’ve been here over ten years!”

“Vigo is a great place to work, I am gaining useful experience every day and enjoy working with my colleagues.”

“A positive and relaxed working environment.”

“Vigo has provided me the chance to grow and develop in a rewarding and engaging environment.”

“I've never felt more cared about at work than my time at Vigo, Everyone's been great to me and really understanding so I can't speak highly enough of here.”

“It’s great to work for a company within the logistics industry that is extremely customer focused and determined to revolutionise logistics software in order to bring efficiencies for our customers.”

“There is an excellent combination of experienced and young talented people wanting to grow personally whilst helping to grow a thriving Company. This is all done through a lot of hard work yet there is time to have fun whilst doing it.”

“I love working for Vigo, I had started as a member of the help desk and now I have worked my way up to Community Director. Vigo is an inspiring company to work for and it has enabled me to develop. I’m very proud to work for Vigo and look forward to each day working with a great team of people who all want to make a positive difference.”

Want a new challenge?

We know how important people are to make a business a success. After all, without brilliant, talented, lovely people, you’re just a pile of bricks, a few doors, some desks, manky paper bins, some curled-up Post-it Notes and a biro that doesn’t work.

So we want to a) get the best people we can on board HMS Vigo, and b) look after them while they’re here. And if they’re good, we never want them to leave (but they can if they want to). We hope they won’t want to leave if they love it that much.